Due to inclement weather last weekend, we had to reschedule our landing proficiency program, both at the airport and Trout Lake.  The new time schedule is the same as last week.

Saturday June 18, 2016 (AM Program)

10:30       Wheel Pilot briefing Maximum North Jack Garland Airport

11:00       Wheel plane spot landing proficiency check.

Saturday June 18th, 2016 (PM Program)

1:30 Lunch at Trout Lake Seaplane Base  - Baseball Quality Hot Dogs $2  Drinks $1

2:30        Float Pilot briefing Trout Lake Seaplane Base

3:00        Float plane spot landing proficiency (could be a little earlier if we are ready)

Here is the Scoop - Last weekend we had several people indicate they would fly in both events and yet we had only one official registration.   We had all of our directors out, volunteers to move tables and chairs etc.  individuals ordering and cooking steaks and all on speculation.   This really makes it difficult on all concerned.   We had a great time, cooked 40 steaks and it all worked out. Check out our movie on the Barbecue in our web page under Special Events. 

Let's keep it simple.  There are a lot of people in my mailing list that own airplanes and we would love to have a complete turn out for the occasion.   However, knowing that is not possible, I would ask that if you do own an airplane, please respond with a yes or no answer regarding your intent to Tom Fraser - and I will co-ordinate this with judges and the organizers of each event. That is as simple as responding to this e-mail.   The same applies to non owners of airplanes.  If you would like to attend either or both events.   Let me know.  Any questions ?  Ask.    It is a lot of fun watching our aviators perform.   Hope to see you there.

Tom Fraser, Director, Webmaster, COPA  Flight 23


Go to our Special Events section and watch the movie on Stan's Special day.