Canadian Aviation Regulations NCR-023-2023

February 15-2024

The purpose of this exemption is to adopt temporary measures in the public interest to enable all holders of valid Canadian Aviation Document Booklets to continue operations following supply chain issues that have not been resolved since the end of the COVID pandemic.
More specifically,
this exemption allows all holders of Canadian Aviation Document Booklets that were still valid on April 1, 2023 to continue exercising the privileges stated in their booklet until August 31, 2024; or beyond if the expiry date affixed in the booklet is later.
This exemption reinstates the regulatory relief previously granted under similar exemption NCR-019-2022.

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Aviation Document Booklet

February 13-2024

As a reminder, in case you haven't checked the expiry date of your ADB (Aviation Document Booklet)

No later than 90 days before your booklet is due to expire (see the expiry date on page one), apply for a new booklet:

  1. Follow the steps under "How to apply" in Apply for an aviation document booklet.
  2. Transfer any relevant information from pages 13 and 14 of your old booklet to those pages in your new booklet.…

Seach & Rescue discussion

February 06-2024

 3-Part video of a Lake Amphibian forced landing on a frozen lake Northwest of Sudbury.