A note from Gary from South River

April 8-2021
Hi Gang, we have a request  from one of our "graduate" COPA Kids who appears to have become a REALLY enthusiastic aviation student (see attached letter). She is requesting that anyone that would like some company in the right seat this Summer, to consider her. Her first flight was with Pat in 2015. She is aware that any time spent as a right seat passenger does not count toward her licence. My take on it is that she would just like to become closer to the aviation community, and like the rest of us, just wants to be close to anything airplane.

If you are interested in accommodating this young lady, email me at (  and I will provide contact information......gar


Good Morning Gary,
We corresponded back in October of last year with regard to my daughter Jordan Gorlick. You suggested I reach out in spring and, looking out the window this morning, I'm hopeful spring is close.
An update on her progress over the winter. She is now a Student Pilot, having completed her first solo flight this past weekend. Very exciting! She passed her PSTAR exam with a 98%, passed her medical and also has her Radio Telephone Operator's Restricted Certificate. She is a member of both COPA and Canadian 99's First Chapter.
Looking forward to hearing from you and,
Enjoy your day!

~ Jordan & Dawn


April 05-2021

It is with sadness that we have to inform you of the passing of our longtime Flight 23 member Fred Culin. Carol was kind to provide me with a writeup and a photo of Fred taken from a past Copa for Kids event at Trout Lake seaplane base. Also added two pics found by John Hemingway. Thanks. More under Fond Memories section.