May 21-2022

On Wednesday May 18, Flight 23 members were treated to a tour of Henri Boudreau’s shop and CompAir project. We got to see firsthand Henri’s amazing ingenuity and workmanship. From redesigning the diesel V8 Duramax (to produce 600 hp), the addition of twin water cooled turbochargers with intercoolers. The engine has been test run and operates extremely smoothly with 6 blade electronically adjustable Ivo prop. Henri has redesigned the reduction drive to supplement the computer controlled fuel injection.

What’s next - is the huge hydraulic lift that he’s building to keep this airplane and also the Murphy Moose - both with amphibious gear - clear of the water.

Thanks Henri for sharing this ambitious project with us.

Submitted by Ron Cooke

May 05-2022
“Good day folks,
Great news! You may remember that COPA recently held votes for several Director positions on the COPA Board, including the one for Northern Ontario. We recently received the following from Grant Bailey:

Hello Everyone,

I was informed earlier today that I have been elected as a COPA Director representing Northern Ontario. Northern Ontario consists of all territory with a postal code starting with “P”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and also Bill Carswell for “getting out the vote”. I am grateful to have Ron Cooke handy for advice, as he served on the COPA board for many years. The newly elected directors will be presented to the COPA membership for ratification at the AGM on June 25th, 2022. In the meantime, if any of you have ideas, issues, or initiatives that you feel COPA should be pursuing, don’t hesitate to call me.

Thanks again.

Grant Bailey


Please join me in congratulating Grant - he is ideally suited for this position.
And, thanks to all of you for voting! yeslaugh
Captain Bill”

May 3-2022

      COVID-19: CBSA resumes border services at select airports

CYYB  airport isn’t on this current list, because it was never closed.                                Customs is available from 9AM to 4PM, monday to friday.

COVID-19: CBSA resumes border services at select airports -

April 19-2022
Mattawa Voyageur Days organizers are planning to hold Voyageur Days this year. Once again we have been approached to provide flights for youngsters. As you know, we have been flying kids as part of Voyageur Days since 1997. We have no idea what  Covid is going to be doing in July, but we would like to plan some flights. We normally fly 50+ youngsters, but there will be restrictions this year (due to Covid, and will also depend on the number of aircraft / pilots we have available). We want to make the flights accessible only to youngsters who have a REAL interest in flying, so we are going to get them to write a letter outlining “why I want to fly” (just like we used to do). We will plan flights with both wheel and float aircraft, flying from Mattawa airport. If you are available to make a few flights (with the increase in price of fuel we won’t ask for more than 3 flights), please contact Carol Cooke 705-752-2223 or email and we can let the organizers know how many kids they can register. If you have never flown youngsters, it’s a really rewarding experience to see the look of pure joy on the kids faces. Date is Sat July 23  - 9 - 12. The COPA for Kids program is now called Discover Aviation, and pilot background checks are way more straightforward than a few years ago, and can be done online.
Also. - mark your calendar Wed June 15 Hope Air Cross Country fund raising rally is planning a lunch stop in North Bay. Expect 15 - 20 aircraft. We will require Flt 23 members to assist with parking aircraft, and other items associated with a group fly in. They’ll only be here couple hours, so just need volunteers from 10 00 - 2 00 likely. Once again contact Carol if you’re available to help out.