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September 30-2023

“Hi everyone,
I have several pairs of reader sunglasses available. All are plain uncorrected upper lenses with reader strength lower, corrected “diopters” for close-up reading.

Three pair are new with “driver” shade lenses. The other metal framed pair are green shaded lenses, and are like new as they were only worn occasionally. My vision has gotten the point that I finally gave in and got prescription sunglasses.
Of the three plastic-framed sunglasses, one pair has 2.0 correction, and two have 2.5 correction. They each come with a nylon-type bag.
The Uber cool ?? stainless steel framed Dual brand AV 3 have a 2.0 correction and come with a hard case.
Special price for COPA Flight 23 peeps:
Plastic frames $10.00 each
Steel frame $20.00
Contact bill.carswell@sympatico.ca or 1-416-271-5291


August 18-2023

1972 Cessna  172L

Annual Inspection completed 3 June 2023   TTSN 4157.0 Hrs.    Prop TTSN 2147.7 Hrs.   Engine TTSO 1452.1 Hrs.    Comp #1 76/80  #2 74/80  #3 76/80  #474/80

Horton STOL Kit

Tail Dragger Conversion

Factory Installed Float Kit

CAP 2000 Floats

McCauley Seaplane Prop 80/43

Complete with : Cowl Plugs , Winter Cowl Cover, Oil Sump Heater, Cessna Towbar. Cargo Net

Radio’s : 406 ELT, Garmin 430W ( GPS, Comm, VOR, ILS , Moving Map ) , Bendix King KY197, Garmin GTX 320 , ACK-30 encoder, PS6000b Audio Panel with 4 plc. I-com

Asking Price  $135 K

Contact : Duncan Hynd at 1-705-497-1932  or d.hynd@cogeco.ca  




Piper Arrow (50% share)

May 18-2023

Float Plane dolly

August 14-2023

Floatplane dolly for aircraft with 2000 or smaller floats. 127 inches between the tires and fits 2 inch ball. Removable tongue for highway transport on a trailer.

  t-l.morris@sympatico.ca or Terry @ 705 663 2252.