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Special thanks go to Grant Bailey for the extremely informative presentation on his personal mission to land at, or fly over, the available British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) airfields. Fantastic photography accompanied by his personal touches and entertaining stories of all of his stops enroute were followed by a thought-provoking story of a Fallen Airman from his own family. We all complimented Grant for capturing the importance of the BCATP in the Allied Second World War effort. Very well done Grant!
Aerodrome of Democracy - British Commonwealth Air Training Plan - YouTube

Air Canada, CAE name eight recipients of 2023 Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship. Amongst them, Mia Cochran of Nort Bay.

Mia Cochran is a North Bay girl. Her father is a Professor at Canadore College. She is in her third year of the Aviation Program at Mt Allison University  in Moncton.

Mia had her first flight at Oshawa - after she convinced her parents to drive her there to participate in Girls Take Flight event. At that event, she won an introductory flight that we arranged for her to have in North Bay. After that Ron took her for a flight in our Piper Cub floatplane  and she was “hooked”.

Turns out her grandfather , Jack Cochran ,was a pilot, and was a local Air Traffic Controller in North Bay for many years . Jack was a partner in the North Bay Flying Club and a frequent flier of their C-172. 

Mia’s choice of Mount Allison for her training was easy as they have a recognized soccer team, and soccer is her second passion after aviation. This past spring shortly after she received her PPL ,she inquired if Ron knew how she could get her float rating. As Ron has his Commercial License, he was able to help out and by July Mia was a newly minted seaplane pilot.This winter she is working on her Commercial licence, and year 4 she will get her multi engine and IFR ratings. We think she is a pretty special girl, and obviously Judy Cameron (main judge of the Air Canada Award) thinks so too.

Submitted by Carol and Ron Cooke



Link to articles 

Wings Magazine>>>

 Air Canada  >>>



On behalf of COPA National President and CEO Christine Gervais, on Thursday 07 October COPA Flight 23 North Bay took advantage of the glorious Fall weather to present the Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship Award to our own Emilie Perron.

By way of introduction for those of you who have not met Emilie, she is an Algonquin Secondary School student and is an avid flyer. Emilie excels in her grade 12 academic studies in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. She is also an accomplished all-round athlete both on the field, court, and at the rink. Her passion for aviation was recognized early by those of us who conducted familiarization flights with her; she demonstrated skill with the controls, and an eagerness to learn more. For these reasons, we are pleased that this Scholarship will afford her the opportunity to pursue her aviation ambitions.

 Emilie has her sights set, quite literally, on the stars. Her post-Secondary School plans are   to further engage in STEM-type Aviation courses and we expect that one day you will hear   Emilie on the radio flying for an Airline, or see her in orbit on the International Space Station!

 Good luck Emilie. We are all very proud of you!

 Cheers, Captain Bill


     Former Northern Ontario COPA Director Ron Cooke presents Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship plaque to Emilie Perron of         North Bay,Ontario.

         Photo courtesy Grant Bailey”


       Mary Norman, representing the Ninety Nines, is shown here offering her congratulations and making a presentation to         Emilie.           


     COPA Flight 23 North Bay members and friends of Emilie Perron gather around a few classic aircraft based at YYB                  to celebrate her winning the prestigious Neil Armstrong Award. Photo courtesy Grant Bailey.

       Thanks to Ron Miller for use of his Sky Genie.


Outstanding picture of a CC-130J and its maintenance team of 436 Sqd., this time, in-service overseas!. This Squadron, based in Trenton, is operational 365 days a year and dispatched across Canada and around the globe as required. Hats off to these members.

Below is the option for a full version, awesome!

HD picture----->>>>/UserFiles/Alerts/436 Sqd.jpg

Media News------>>>>>>



Florida Int'l Airshow


We are in Florida, and thought we would share the video of the Florida International Air Show (54 minutes!) - at our home airport at Punta Gorda.We volunteered by “guarding” their briefing room. Was pretty easy, as we were in the Sheriffs building, so already a secure setting.

To watch the airshow, click here>>

Cheers.  Ron & Carol





Air Venture over Western Canada

Flt 23 member Larry Dyke has travelled over part of Canada this summer 2018 aboard his Cessna 172 from North Bay to Lumby, BC and back home. You will certainly enjoy reading his Air Venture.

Click the link for the flight from North Bay to Lumby, BC    /UserFiles/ContentPages/CP95.pdf

Click the link for the return flight home to North Bay  /UserFiles/ContentPages/CP96.pdf

A 17 year old canoeist rescued from Trout Lake


Stan French (pilot) and Ron Leach (spotter) used the BAYSAR plane to assist in the search for a missing canoeist.

A volunteer search and rescue team called BAYSAR co-operated with the OPP last Thursday to find a 17-year-old missing canoeist

On September 13, police were involved with a search for the teenager. Two BAYSAR aircrew members, Stan French (pilot) and Ron Leach (spotter) participated in the airborne search that centered over and around Trout Lake. Seven other members of BAYSAR were available and were placed on standby in case a ground search was required.

The initial call requesting assistance came at approximately 3 p.m. After a pre-flight briefing with the OPP Marine Unit at 3:30 pm to coordinate search efforts the BAYSAR float plane took off at 3:45 pm.

At approximately 5:25Leach spotted evidence on the north shore of Trout Lake in an uninhabited area and called for a more in-depth search. The OPP Marine Unit was given the information and location.

Shortly after, the youth was found in good health by the OPP at the location identified by BAYSAR.

“I am really pleased with the responses from our members and our ability to rapidly deploy," said French in a news release. "Being able to get a crew in the air within an hour from the initial request is a noteworthy accomplishment for a volunteer organization. If a ground search was required we also had a full team on stand-by ready to go.”

BAYSAR and the OPP Marine Unit had conducted two short joint training exercises during the summer.The familiarity gained from the training was instrumental in Thursday’s successful search and rescue, said French

(Report from BayToday)



      Ottawa CYRO – LaMacaza CYFJ – Trois Rivieres CYRQ – Drummondville CSC3


Thursday May 26 had a forecast of reasonably good weather in most of Ontario – so 40 aircraft landed at Ottawa Rockcliffe CYRO to start the 9th IPAT. 41 aircraft were registered, but weather caught up with one pilot and he was stranded in Collingwood Thur, and the next morning he had mag problems, so he travelled back home - pouting I am sure. 2 aircraft arriving from the USA had their departure delayed due to weather, so they arrived at Rockcliffe at 5:00pm. Speaking of US registrants – we had 5 US aircraft from Michigan on this years Tour, and one from Tennessee. Normally a complimentary room is allocated by draw, but complimentary room at Tremblant was given to John and Linda Haynes from Knoxville, in that it took them 3 days to get to Ottawa.

After refuelling at Rockcliffe Flying Club, all aircraft taxied over to the Museum where arrangements had been made for them to park overnite.  The Aviation Museum is a great venue for any aviation event and this was no exception. Catered lunch was served in the Theatre followed by welcome by COPA President Bernard Gervais. Carol Cooke presented appreciation plaque to COPA for the years of supporting the IPAT; then Jeff Page outlined the procedure for departing Ottawa and arrival at La Macaza (Mont Tremblant). Jeff had spent many hours researching the intricate airspace around Ottawa and NavCan helped out by supplying transponder codes by email early Friday morning so there was no delay in departure. After check in at the Lord Elgin – there was time to explore downtown Ottawa and dinner on your own (or with a group of friends you might not have seen since last year). Friday morning Kevin Psutka provided weather briefing (we were good to go!!) and departure from CYRO was uneventful. We all enjoyed the scenic flight north to Mont Tremblant – followed by equally long scenic drive from airport to Tremblant Village where we stayed at the base of the Mountain. Catered traditional Quebec lunch (including duck pate and sugar pie) was served at the Holiday Inn after we checked in. Gondola lift tickets were part of our package, so all were able to enjoy the “view from the top”. A half dozen hardy souls WALKED down the mountain (875 metres or 2871 ft) instead of taking the gondola – which was even more impressive because of the heat (+30) and the blackflies. Saturday morning brought another good VFR flying day and after safety / weather briefing, the group departed for Trois Rivieres for delicious spaghetti lunch at the airport restaurant. After plaque presentation we then departed on the short leg to Drummondville. Richard Sylvain (a/p mgr) had chairs and cold water and apples available in the hangar adjacent to the water. It was the first +30 degrees temp eastern Ontario had enjoyed, so all were glad to get inside the cool hangar.  A scrumptious buffet dinner was served to the 80 participants later that evening at Le Dauphin hotel. After dinner, the socializing continued as some really good friendships have been made during the past 9 years. For some, the IPAT is the kick off to the summer flying season, so there was lots of time to make plans for the next flying adventure. Sunday morning all departed for home – or PEI.

32 attended the briefing for the IPAT extension to PEI – but it was not to be. Only 7 (IFR pilots) ended up making the flight to Summerside.


Vintage News by Vintage Wings of Canada



Day or night, the Canadian North holds forth in natural spectacle—a unique and story-telling backdrop for an aviation photographer like Stephen Fochuk. Follow this link to see some of his images of bush flying in and around Yellowknife, Northwest Territories:

Read the story

A Northern Light


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