Urgent Meeting

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The executive have decided that a general membership meeting needs to be held, to discuss the future of Flight 23.

As you may have noticed over the past several years - attendance and interest in events has been dwindling, and in fact the meetings themselves have been decreased.

Kori has been captain for a few years now and recently  announced to the executive that he can no longer carry on as Captain and give the attention the position and flight deserve,

So - the Flight is at a crossroads ---- do we let Flight 23 die??; or with the dozens of aviation enthusiasts and pilots in our area, do we need a new format to nurture and help aviation grow?

This is too big a decision for the executive to make, so have decided to hold a general meeting and see what direction the membership wants to take the Flight. Please plan on attending CANADORE COLLEGE AVIATION CAMPUS MONDAY October 2 -7:00 pm.

Current Directors - (Bill Carswell, Ivan Filion, Al Rivet, Kori Ibey, Carol Cooke) are prepared to stay on, but help is required.






Is Your Aviation Document

Booklet Expiring?

Did you know your Aviation Document Booklet (ADB) must be renewed every five years from date of issuance?

Where do I find the expiry date in the ADB?                                                                                                                                    The expiry date is found on the right side of the licence page showing the pilot’s photograph.

How do I renew my ADB?                                                                                                                                                                      To obtain an ADB or to renew an expiring ADB, applicants are required to submit a completed Application for an Aviation Document Booklet form (TP 26-0726 found at www.tc.gc.ca/ADB) and a passport style photograph to your regional licensing office.

When should I submit my renewal application?                                                                                                                          Transport Canada requires four to six weeks to process a completed application. Applicants should submit their applications prior to 90 days of the expiry date.

Currently, there is no fee for renewal of your ADB.


Transport Canada provides an ADB to flight crew members and air traffic controllers so that they may exercise privileges of aviation-related permits, licences and ratings, and possess evidence of medical validity. The ADB was introduced in 2008 and replaced paper licensing documents. As a result, the ADB enhances the security of licensing documents as well as provides pilots with a more lasting product.