COPA for Kids-Floats

June 09-2018


Flight 23 pilots enjoyed a great evening of flying Thursday June 07 June at Trout Lake Seaplane Base. The annual flying of Grade 6 Silver Birches students had to be postponed from original Monday date, and although Thursday evening had some gusting winds, the air was smooth and the flights were enjoyed by all.
We had a variety of aircraft attend: Ron Cooke J3; Mark Wilkins PA 12; Tom Fraser Citabria; Don Roberts C-170; Stan French C-172; Ron Miller C-182; Claude Bourgoin Maule M6. Three aircraft are based at Trout Lake, the others came from Lake Nosbonsing, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, and Pickerel River.
Thanks to ground crew Jim Chappell, Al Leishman, Chad Miller, Duncan Hynd, Rene Bourgoin, Rick Christianson, Bob Kingsnorth, and photograph crew Al Rivet, John Hemingway, Charles Pepin. Carol Cooke and Terri Roberts were on registration desk, and Cheryl Ward filled in as required.
The 17 youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the flightslaugh, and many made a point of giving profuse thanks to the organizers. Most of the pilots made an ice cream stop at the green store before heading home in the setting sun. A good excuse to go flying on a beautiful evening. Thanks to all Flight 23 members who participated.


COPA for Kids guide has been revised 

COPA FOR KIDS - COPA for Kids Guide has been revised.

Read the whole guide on COPA website. Here’s what’s new:

  • Participant packages are broken down into 2 age groups 8-13; 14-17

  • 8-13 receive traditional flight certificate & foam puzzle airplane

  • 14 - 17 receive pilots logbook, as well as complimentary access to online ground school for PPL. Sponsored by Hangaaar, the course meets all T.C. requirements for ground school ( can write T.C. exam upon completion of this course (this is similar to what EAA offers). All participants also receive a copy of COPA’s annual flight training scholarship guide highlighting scholarships & bursaries available throughout aviation industry.

  • PILOTS: must be COPA National member OR Flt 23 member; pilot licence, Medical, A/C insurance must be valid

  • A/C insurance minimum requirements:

A/C less than 2300 lb gross - $100,000 liab. & $100,000 pass liab. per seat;

A/C 2300 lbs - 5000 lbs gross - $500,000 liab. & $100,000 pass liab. per seat

  • To further protect pilots, COPA insurance provides $1,000,000 combined single limit third party bodily injury & property damage each occurrence (in excess of what the pilot carries). (Also like EAA).

  • Pilots are also allowed to fly kids outside sanctioned event BUT COPA’s additional flight insurance not valid unless COPA notified about the flight PRIOR, and registration form has been submitted online.

  • COPA Flight organizers and ground personnel are still covered for third party bodily injury and/ or property damage during event.

  • COPA still issues a Certificate of Insurance for COPA for Kids events when event is held on private property.

      • * NOTE: the private pilot log books that COPA is supplying for kids age 14 - 17 is almost identical to the current pilot log books that pilots get from V.I.P. Extra copies are available for Flight 23 Pilots. contact Carol