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COPA FOR KIDS Year End Report – 2017 –

9 Pilots flew a total of 64 youngsters during the summer flying season of 2017.

Two events only

–       Ken Campbells grade 6 class at the airport (with the high water this spring, the float planes were late getting launched!)

–       Mattawa voyageur Days wheels and floats.

Bill Carswell, Ron Cooke and Kori Ibey flew in both events; with Ron Miller and Andy Smith flying at North Bay, and Mark Wilkins, Chris Whalley, Alex Ross, and Gerry Thomas flying at Mattawa.

South River Sunflower Festival flights had to be cancelled because of weather, and the proposed flying 150 cadets was cancelled at the last minute  due to the military adding unrealistic criteria in order to give permission for Flight 23 to fly the cadets. Flight 23 renewed their affiliation with EAA this year, in order to fly Young Eagles, but both events we did fly were flown as COPA for Kids.





Carol, a long time volunteer, organizer, and administrator of the Copa For Kids and Young Eagles programs

recieves a Copa For Kids award from Copa National Director Lloyd Richards

Cudos to you Carol

Flight 23 pilots who have flown 100+ youngsters since 1994 as part of Young Eagles and COPA for Kids programs.

Gerry Thomas, Armand Despres, Fred Culin, Jim & MJ Chappell, Ron Cooke, Mark Wilkins, Ron Miller. Also in pic is Carol Cooke who has organized most of the events. Bob Brown (deceased) also flew 100+. Photo by Margot Despres