First aircraft movement spring 2020-South River


Status of the South River airport with pictures of their airport terminal building renovations, under News menu.  Good work folks.

March 30-2020
Many of you might not be aware - but Eileen Blow passed away Tuesday Mar 24 at 4 30 AM at North Bay Hospital. Most of you know that Eileen had been battling AML cancer (a type of leukemia - cancer of bone marrow) since July 2018. After chemo. her first remission lasted one year. The second remission lasted just 12 weeks, and the Dr. told her during video conference this past Monday it was back with a vengeance. Barry and Eileen enjoyed a picnic lunch later that day at the Seaplane base and she felt fine. Later Monday evening she took a turn for the worse and was transported to North Bay hospital where she passed away. Eileen has been cremated and because of the virus, no plans for viewing or burial have been finalized.  Barry plans to stay at Martin Lake where he and Eileen built a comfortable home on the water that they both enjoyed for many years.
Cards can be sent to: 243 Marten Lake Rd. Gen. Del. Marten River, On. P0H 1T0.  or - Barry would love a call at 705-892-2435
Barry and Eileen have been very active in Flight 23 for the past many years - never missing a pot luck or any scheduled activity. Eileen was always optimistic and looked on the bright side of all that life threw at her. She will be missed.
Submitted by Carol Cooke