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Hello Everyone 

Welcome and Happy new year to all, I'm looking forward to a great year as should we all

I ecourage you to e-mail your ideas and comments to Flight 23, any of the directors would be glad to answer or forward them on to be dicussed during one of the meetings

Any member wanting to attend the directors portion of our meeting need only to make it known to one of the directors and we will be mor than happy to accomadate you.

Cheers, Bill Carswell, Captain, COPA Flight 23, North Bay, Ontario

May your compass stay true

Blue ski's everyone


This is a reminder that our membership Fees are now $10.00 for Flight Students (first year) and only $20.00 for full membership.   This reduction in fees has been offset by some of our very successful fund raising events.  It will be our intention to sponsor another fund raiser again this year. (To be announced)  Membership in Flight 23 includes free (Pot Luck) Barbecue in June.  We supply the meat and you contribute towards the pot luck.

  We would like to see photos and stories of trips and events from the members, ice fishing trips , winter/summer vacations, short flights for the $100.00 fish and chips, anything concerning the environment, different places to check out,  Our Trading post section has been used on several occasions.   Don’t be shy please send us photos and or stories, maybe like “a funny thing happened on the way to Temagami or Sudbury” We would also like to hear from other flights of upcoming events, issues and of possible trips or fly-inns.

Keep us in the loop and enjoy the upcoming fall and winter season.