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Good day everyone,

It appears Spring has "sprung" finally, though I was wondering about that as I was scraping the frost off my car windshield this morning! It has been a very long, brutal Winter and I'm sure that everyone is anxious to slip the surly bonds of Earth in some pleasant weather. Let's all make sure that we have a safe start up with thorough walk arounds and inspections, a review of your aircraft POH, and dust off the mental cob webs that develop with months of little or no flying. 

The most important thing that I would like to highlight in this message is our COPA for Kids (C4K) program and the new requirement for pilots to have completed a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) prior to flying children in a C4K event. The full details are spelled out in the URGENT MATTERS section of our web site so I won't repeat them here. Since that was published in January 2019, to date only 7 pilots have confirmed that their VSC has been completed. Seven pilots will NOT be enough. Indeed, at best we could only fly an extremely limited program. At worst, and  this eventuality is possible, we may have to cancel all Flight 23 participation in C4K!

This COPA Flight has run C4K programs successfully for decades and we are all proud of that accomplishment, However, the C4K program at Flight 23 is in jeopardy. Those of you who have participated in a C4K event know how rewarding an experience it can be for the Kids, and for the pilots and volunteers who make the programs run safely and efficiently. Surely this imposed VSC administrative requirement can be overcome; the process is simple, the costs are refunded, and there is still time to get your VSC completed prior to the first C4K event. Let's get on with it!

The Spring Newsletter has lots of events (see News menu), including our support for the Air Race Classic (see Urgent Matters menu) in mid-June. It is great to see the response in volunteering for the various committees but, as we used to say in one of my previous lives, "One volunteer is worth 10 pressed men", so if you can help contact Grant Bailey with your contact information and availability.

Fly safely my friends.