Maintainers Corner - A Brief Article on Skiis

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        It’s a little late in the season but it’s been suggested to me that a discussion on the general care and maintenance of skis would still be of interest.
        Skis in general generate a considerable amount of structural force on the aircraft and landing gear attachment points, not unlike floats.
        There are three styles of skis: conventional, which replace the wheel on the axle; the wheel-ski, which allows the tire to protrude slightly below the ski; and the ever popular hydraulic wheel-ski which can be retracted for use on runway surfaces.
        The AC43.13-1B talks about all three types of skis and gives general procedures for inspection and repair, starting on page 9-6, paragraph 9-9. Although the AC43.13-1B goes into some detail, it should only be used as a guide. The appropriate manufacturer’s inspection criteria should be the primary source of information. The AC43.13 can be used in conjunction with such material.
        Remember when doing your pre-flight and post flight walk around to take a few extra minutes to inspect your landing gear; there’s never “not enough” time for safety.

The foregoing information provided courtesy of Kori Ibey of Maximum North Aviation