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                               Fly-Out to Killarney airport on Sept.29- 2018

Submitted by Carol Cooke

The weather forecast all week - one day calling  for showers - the next day calling for sunshine, so we didn’t know what to expect Sat morning. Forecast was for clear, but drive up to airport was in mist and light rain. However, by 10 it started to clear, and at 10 30- 3 aircraft from the Flight headed off to Killarney, where they met up with 1 from Sault Ste Marie, and 4 from Southern Ontario, so it ended up being more of an Interprovincial Air Tour get together than a Flight 23 outing. It definitely wasn’t sitting on the dock weather, and many of the group were glad to take the drive into town offered by Ross from Herberts, others took the 2 km walk. Unusual to not have a big line up at the order desk (although a bus load of seniors were just leaving when we arrived,  and some hikers arrived just as we were leaving, so the season isn’t over yet at Killarney). The fish was delicious as usual, and we can hardly wait to go back next season.


             Part of the flight line yes                         VENTURE MODEL 20, "The Egg", awful kidding!


  Terry and Edward from Sault Ste-Marie                                 Piper Malibu


      Can you spot Grant's Cessna 150 ?              On short final aboard Capt.Ron's Skylane.


    Getting ready to head back to the airfield.                  Friendship among people laugh.

Flight 23 BBQ & Flying Proficiency awards held at Fred Culin seaplane base hangar.

               Stan French   Cessna-172 on floats yes                                           Mark Wilkins   Cessna-182 on wheelsyes

Stan Nichols Memorial BBQ 2016



We have had our Flight 23 June BBQ's for years, but last year - in memory of Stan, the Flight Executive decided to hold Proficiency Landings as part of our annual BBQ. We knew that Stan would get a kick out of this challenge to improve piloting skills, as well as have fun. Continuing last years format - both wheel and float landings will be judged. Stan French and Ron Cooke won last years (Stan the wheel landing; and Ron the float landing). They will NOT be eligible to fly in the same competition as last year (but Stan can fly floats, and Ron can fly wheels)

As you can tell by the movie above, we all had a great time at the Memorial Barbecue.  40 some people came out for this special occasion including guests from Huntsville, Mattawa, Guelph and South River.  Thanks to all that helped make this a fine memorial for Stan Nichols.    It was a special day with Jean Nichols in attendance amongst friends and neighbors.