Minutes- Meeting of May 19-2021

June 8-2021

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MAF-Wings of Hope

May 08-2021

We hope all is well with you and your families especially through these restrictive and challenging Covid times.  We are sure looking forward to be able to socially gather again and see more people face to face.  We wish we could spread this information more with face to face discussions but that is not possible or easy with the current restrictions.

We are helping MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship, to promote a fund raiser to purchase new aircraft for in Angola, Africa.  MAF is raising funds to replace the 35 year old Cessna Caravan that has been operating in Angola for 35 years. As we will know aircrafts are not cheap to purchase and operate.  This Aircraft purchase will be $ 3,000,000 and MAF has raised over $ 1,000,000 already.

We are seeking anyone who is interested to support this fund raiser to donate any amount, even dollar counts big or small.  At the same time we do not want anyone to feel pressure to donate.


Here is a couple links to the MAF, Aircraft Wings of Hope webpage and donation page:


·        Wings of Hope Video download (click here) Username: mafguest / Password: files4u or I can email the file but it is a large file.


Here is another link to a MAF promotional video if you wanted to learn more about MAF in Angola.

·        Business Club Focused - (click here)

We would be happy to chat on the phone or meet once restrictions are lifted if you are interested in more information and/or have any questions or comments.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Chad Miller


Phone:  (705) 303-2500