International Plowing Match


If any COPA members are interested in helping (by volunteering to drive),          contact Henri Monnin - (613-324-0859] or                              Ginette Beaudry- (613-297-0817).

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COPA Eastern Canada Airport Restaurant Bingo


... One of the categories for these awards is for Airport Restaurants and voting occurs throughout the summer. I am hoping that you can help me promote this category to your COPA Flight.

I have put together two BINGO boards with all of the nominated restaurants on them (West and East Canada). If COPA members visit enough restaurants to complete a full BINGO row, I will send them a free COPA hat as a prize. Meanwhile, they can also vote for their favourite restaurants on our online voting page:

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This BINGO initiative has a few goals:

1) Motivate our members to check out new airports and get out flying.

2) Support the small businesses that serve pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

3) Increase general aviation traffic to reinforce the need for small airports and highlight our contribution to the economy.

That said, it would be helpful to me if you would help promote this initiative by spreading the news with the members of your COPA Flight. I have attached the Eastern Canada BINGO board for reference and all of the details I have described and more can be found on our website:


Lauren Nagel


Canadian Owners and Pilots Association 

Attached ad for airport in the upcoming North Bay tourism booklet.. With our own Flt Captain Bill front and centre.

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