COPA for Kids

04 - July - 2018


We have 2 upcoming COPA for Kids events


Saturday July 28 Mattawa -CMA2- both wheels and floats aircraft required

Saturday Aug 11 South River - CPE6 - wheels only

Both dates 9 00 - 12 00, -weather dependent of course. No rain date for either event.


As well as pilots, we also need ground volunteers, (both wheels and floats for Mattawa) and photographers.


Both locations are supplying lunch after for the volunteers. This is an excellent opportunity for Flight members to enjoy camaraderie with fellow members, as well as seeing the smiling faces and knowing you are contributing to youngsters having a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Please email or call Carol at 705 752 2223 if you can help out.

Annual landing proficiency & BBQ


The weather gods smiled on us for the June 23 landing proficiency exercises, and BBQ - as we had good weather and light winds for our big event of the summer - whereas the South River BBQ (38 miles south) was weathered out with rain and low ceilings.


The day started at Cooke’s hangar at the airport at 10:00 a.m. with safety briefing and landing rules spelled out by Bill Carswell. Photographers / judges Chad Miller, Kori Ibey, and Grant Bailey. Thanks to Kori (and son Cody) for providing vehicle, radio, & AVOP licence so judges and photographers could witness the landings at close quarters (not normally possible at a major airport). Members participating in the wheel landing proficiency were: Bill Carswell C-170, Marc Charron Bonanza, Ron Cooke C-182, Stan French Ercoupe, Mark Wilkins C-182. Landings were judged on accuracy of landing and style. Each aircraft made 3 landings and all were counted. It was close between the two Marc (k)s but - WINNER - Mark Wilkins. Individual best landing Bill Carswell.


At 3:00 Ivan Filion and Carol Cooke placed the markers for the water landing proficiency. 3:30 the safety briefing was held, and once again,Bill Carswell spelled out the rules. Judges were Carol Cooke, Ivan Filion and Jim Chappell. Members participating were: Ron Cooke J3 Cub, MJ Chappell C 172, Tom Fraser Citabria, Stan French C 172, Mark Wilkins PA 12. Landings were judged on closest touchdown between the balls. Each aircraft made 3 landings, and all were counted. Before announcing the winner, Carol commented “total of 15 landings, and 10 of those were within an aircraft length of landing between the balls”. Overall WINNER - Stan French. Individual best landing Ron Cooke. Bill Carswell commented it’s not about the competition, but individual pilots honing their skills, and just another reason to go flying! Thanks to Ivan Filion for trailering his boat from Sturgeon, and bringing the balls, lines and anchors and being so super organized.


Then it was time for socializing and dinner. Once again the chefs of Flight 23 outdid themselves with a luscious array of salads and desserts. The steaks (picked up from M and M by Bill Carswell) and cooked by Chad Miller were excellent. Marc and Cher Charron baked potatoes at home and they too were delicious. During dinner we watched the videos done by Chad Miller of the landings - lighting less than perfect, so we’ll have a replay at the next Flight meeting. After dinner, the A.G.M. was held and chaired by Captain Bill Carswell. (Minutes available elsewhere on website). Treasurer Luc Beauchamp was on hand throughout the afternoon to accept dues of any who hadn’t paid previously. Photographers Chad and Emily Miller, and Grant Bailey at both event sites were snapping pictures (and videotaping) and Charles will be making them available to see on the website. Thanks to Fred Culin for the use of the hangar and docks at Seaplane base.


All agreed it was a great day, and we’ll wait patiently till next year when we do it all again????

submitted by Carol Cooke