Landing Proficiency

Flight 23 Flying / Social / Eating Day SAT June 12.

Was a GREAT weather day for all the events we had planned. First off was the landing proficiency on wheels at the airport. 5 aircraft registered. Runway 08 was chosen as the active,  to keep separation from the glider ops, and wind was generally from the east s.e.

Judge Marc Charron (last years winner). Cheering section Kori, Byran, Carol. Each participant made 2 touch and goes, followed by 3rd full stop landing. By the third landing, it was real interesting to watch, and a challenge to land as the wind was now s.w. to westerly  giving a good crosswind / downwind component. FIrst place was awarded to RON MILLER in his new (to him) Super Cub. Some might  remember ULT was previously owned, and totally refurbished by Bob Brown. Aircraft and pilots participating :

C FUDI -C 182 Mark Wilkins and son  Landon

C GHGJ - C 182 - Ron Cooke

C FULT - PA 18 - Ron Miller and grandson Jordan

C FQYJ - C172 Duncan Hynd

C FQHM - C 120 Bill Carswell and Jim Chappell


Now the attention shifted to the Trout Lake Seaplane Base for landing proficiency on floats. Ivan Fillion was well organized with red /white balls and ropes, and anchors. He and Carol Cooke (who had volunteered to judge) headed out in Ivan's boat to place the markers and get set up in line with the balls. What a great viewing place we had. How often does one get to watch 6 floatplanes X 2 landings each land 100 ft abeam you!!!. Some used the balls for their take off run too, so Ivan got some great pictures and video which will be also posted to the website. Age prevailed in this landing?? - Jim Chappel was declared the winner. Aircraft and pilots participating:

C GMUT C 182 Ron Miller and grandson Jordan

C FTTV - C 172 MJ Chappell and wing girl Marj Shield

C  FZMV C172 Kori Ibey

C FNFK J3 Cub - Ron Cooke

C FTTV C172 Jim Chappell and wingman Dave Shield

C GAPQ CItabria Tom Fraser


With the flying over, it was time for the annual Flt 23 BBQ. For the 2nd year, our local M and M provided the steaks and BBQ, and of course the appetizers, salads and desserts were provided by the great chefs who make up our Flight. Excellent baked potatoes provided by Mark and Cher. Great comrade, superb food made a fitting end to this great day. We have lots of active pilots in our COPA Flight. The landing proficiency session  is a great way to get each pilot tuned up for the upcoming summer flying season. We attend T.C. Rust remover each Spring to keep current on the legal aspects of flying. The landing event should be on each pilots  "must do list" to get the hand eye co ordination fine tuned for landings.

Many Thanks to Jimmy for the Set up and tear down the Hanger for the BBQ

as well as Mr Miller for the use of the tables once again

Thank you to Fred cullen for the use of the Hanger 

Submitted by Carol Cooke

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Copa Flight

We had a great COPA for KIDS event on Tuesday evening May 16. very little wind, no bugs, and 24 happy youngsters enjoyed their first flight - along with a few parents. A few of the Canadore aviation students as well as a few Flight 23 members were on hand to escort kids. Thanks also to Al and John for photographs. 5 aircraft participated. Thanks to Bill Carswell, Ron Cooke, Kori Ibey, Ron Miller, Andy Smith

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Gatineau Airshow April 30 2017

SnowBirds and Frech Aerobatic Team

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Freedom to Fly

Jan 5 2017
Another milestone and precedent in preserving our freedom to fly!
Just before Christmas, Quebec Superior Court reversed a judgment from a municipal court in Levis, QC.   The issue was once more an entity trying to do indirectly what it could not do directly: to decide the outcome and the fate of an aerodrome (i.e. aeronautics), when only the Federal Government can do so.  The airport has been there for something like fifty years and they recently started skydiving activities.  That’s when the city passed a bylaw prohibiting skydiving, building hangars without permits, and so on.  The municipal judge had concluded something to the effect that “recreational skydiving was not part of the core of aeronautics”, thus the city could levy fines and impose what it wanted. 
Not yet translated into English, the judgement can be found here
The conclusion of the Superior Court Judge is the following (my translation):
[165] The trial judge erred in law in concluding that the skydiving activities in issue were not at the core of federal aeronautical jurisdiction, and consequently, rejecting the doctrine of inter-jurisdictional immunity.
[166] It is also concluded that the by-laws of the City of Lévis prohibiting the conduct of skydiving activities, including facilities related to skydiver training activities (the Zoning Regulations and the Regulations on permits and Certificates) constitute an obstacle to the federal power over aeronautics. Consequently, these regulations must be declared inapplicable against the appellant.
COPA had been following closely for over a year.  Among others, the COPA Supreme Court judgements (2010 SCC 39 and 2010 SCC 38) from 2010 were cited as  jurisprudence.
I will mention this news in my upcoming President’s Corner.  It will also be up on our website.
(FYI, this was a totally independent initiative not covered or helped by our Freedom to Fly Fund)
Bernard Gervais, PMP

Président COPA President & CEO

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Uncontrolled Airspace 

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Air Canada B787 In North Bay

Military Cadets at the Canadore Aviation College watching an Air Canada B787 take off  at  the North Bay Jack Garland Airport. The Air Canada passenger plane had diverted from Toronto to North Bay due to poor weather conditions in Toronto.,


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Third Class Medical Reform



President Barack Obama on July 15 signed third class medical reforms into law as part of an FAA authorization extension passed by the House and Senate days earlier. With the president’s signature, which came just hours before the FAA’s authorization was set to expire at midnight, medical reforms became law and the clock started ticking on an FAA mandate to translate that law into regulations.
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