Flight Sim training

January 24-2024

You may be interested in this.  One of our members, Andy Smith is a resident Class 3 Instructor (soon to be Class 2!). He has constructed a quite sophisticated Simulator and installed it in his basement Office area. It is available for a nominal fee – certainly much less that the cost of fuel. You may wish to try it out as a means of doing a review before, like me,  stumbling around the circuit trying to remember checklists, power settings, etc. He can programme many different aircraft types and the simulator responds accordingly. It has an excellent visual system as well. I spent an hour or so with him and found it to be excellent value. It also is capable of night and instrument Flight training with an auto pilot that is capable of coupling RNAV and ILS approaches. Imagine,  you can get your navigation and approach “switchology” selections sorted out before you start burning that precious 100LL fuel! 

You can contact Andy directly at:  to discuss your wants and needs.