Captain's Message

Far be it from your Captain to get involved in the politics of the current Federal Election, but a question was raised by one of our members regarding a recent COPA National eFlight newsletter.  There was a “NOTAM” therein which stated:


• The Liberal Party of Canada has proposed a new excise tax of 10% on the purchase for private use of automobiles, boats and airplanes worth more than $100,000, items it deems to be 'luxurious'. COPA urges members to discuss this with your local federal election candidate..."


I wanted to be careful that correspondence within our membership remain apolitical, but felt that it was important to ask our current Federal MP to verify that the government was considering imposing this tax so that I could allay our members' concerns.  As such, on 06 October, I sent the following E-Mail to Mr Rota:

"Subject:New Excise Tax?...

Good day Anthony,
As you know, we may have changed neighborhoods but I am still a resident in your riding! ?
What you may not be aware of is that I am the Captain of our local “Flight 23” of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA). COPA advocates for the General Aviation sector of the aviation industry and is our voice in Ottawa for issues General Aviation-related.

One of our local members advised me that, in their monthly newsletter, our COPA National office advised the membership that the Liberal Party was considering imposing a “luxury tax” on the sale of aircraft (among other things) if the price exceeded C$100,000. To wit (first para – COPA Notams):

Is this correct? If so, can you provide an explanation for the rationale used to arrive  arrive at this proposal?

I would like to respond to our member, and to our local membership, with your thoughts on this proposed Tax. If you would prefer to speak vs. an E-Mail reply, my number is (C) 1-416-271-5291.

I look forward to hearing from you.



W.C Carswell"


On 16 October I received a reply by Voice mail from Mr Rota. He said that he was surprised to find that indeed, this tax was a “one line” entry in the detailed costing of the Liberal party fiscal policy. Furthermore, he stated that he felt that it should be reviewed further prior to being enacted.

Those are the facts as I know them.Feel free to contact Mr Rota or if you have any comments or questions.

For your information.