New Flight 23 directors

MAY 24, 2018


A Flight 23 Directors Meeting was held May 10 and the following positions were filled:

CO- CAPTAINS - Bill Carswell, Grant Bailey


WEBSITE - Charles Pepin

COPA for KIDS - Carol Cooke

Directors at large: Kori Ibey, Al Rivet, Chad Miller 

We shall say thanks to our former Captain - Kori Ibey and treasurer/membership -  Ivan Filion for the time and help devoted to Flight  23 and their members during the past few years.  

Upcoming events

MAY 24, 2018


DON’T FORGET - COPA for Kids Monday JUNE 4 - FLOATS Trout Lake Seaplane Base 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Pilots & ground volunteers required. Call Carol 705-752-2223


June 23 will be the big day of the summer for Flight 23smiley. Landing proficiency - both wheels & floats, followed by annual bbq. The bbq is FREE to paid up members of Flight 23, so if you haven’t paid your dues yet, contact our new Membership / Treasurer Luc Beauchamp ( prior to bbq - or pay at the door! (Dues still a bargain at $20)



- WHEELPLANE landing proficiency exercise at CYYB - Briefing at Cooke’s hangar @ 10:00 AM . Flying follows

- FLOATS landing proficiency exercise at Trout Lake Seaplane Base - Briefing 3:30 PM , flying 4:00 PM ....followed by 

ANNUAL BBQ 4:30 at Seaplane base.

Steaks & baked potatoes provided - appetizers, salads, desserts pot luck).

Please bring chair, plate, cutlery, & beverage of choice (no alcohol at Fred’s request).


This will be Year 4 of landing proficiency testing. Just to refresh - past winners

2015 - Wheels - Stan French Ercoupe; Floats - Ron Cooke J3 Cub

2016 - Wheels - Marc Charron Bonanza; Floats - Stan French C-172

2017 - Wheels - Ron Miller PA18; Floats - Jim Chappell C-172

Trophy Rules - NOT awarded to same pilot and aircraft in consecutive years.


COPA FOR KIDS - COPA for Kids Guide has been revised.

Read the whole guide on COPA website. Here’s what’s new:

  • Participant packages are broken down into 2 age groups 8-13; 14-17

  • 8-13 receive traditional flight certificate & foam puzzle airplane

  • 14 - 17 receive pilots logbook, as well as complimentary access to online ground school for PPL. Sponsored by Hangaaar, the course meets all T.C. requirements for ground school ( can write T.C. exam upon completion of this course (this is similar to what EAA offers). All participants also receive a copy of COPA’s annual flight training scholarship guide highlighting scholarships & bursaries available throughout aviation industry.

  • PILOTS: must be COPA National member OR Flt 23 member; pilot licence, Medical, A/C insurance must be valid

  • A/C insurance minimum requirements:

A/C less than 2300 lb gross - $100,000 liab. & $100,000 pass liab. per seat;

A/C 2300 lbs - 5000 lbs gross - $500,000 liab. & $100,000 pass liab. per seat

  • To further protect pilots, COPA insurance provides $1,000,000 combined single limit third party bodily injury & property damage each occurrence (in excess of what the pilot carries). (Also like EAA).

  • Pilots are also allowed to fly kids outside sanctioned event BUT COPA’s additional flight insurance not valid unless COPA notified about the flight PRIOR, and registration form has been submitted online.

  • COPA Flight organizers and ground personnel are still covered for third party bodily injury and/ or property damage during event.

  • COPA still issues a Certificate of Insurance for COPA for Kids events when event is held on private property.

      • * NOTE: the private pilot log books that COPA is supplying for kids age 14 - 17 is almost identical to the current pilot log books that pilots get from V.I.P. Extra copies are available for Flight 23 Pilots. contact Carol




South River Fly-In

May 25-2018

Thanks to everyone for making this the best Fly-in yet. I cooked 300 sausages so that means at least 100 breakfasts. We have had a few events with more people but none with as many planes. The free breakfast for arriving P.I.C.s was REALLY well received, we all had a great time with some wow and unique planes to drool over and we even made a profit, $315. The icing on the cake though, was how many aviators were introduced to our airport, and the number who said they would be back.       

Once again thanks....Gary Blanchett

I'd like to personally thank you all for your great efforts, help and encouragement and participation on Saturday May 12 Fly-in / Drive-In. It couldn't have gone better. The number of airplanes and people who showed was so encouraging. It could not have been possible without your effort and help. I don't want to name anyone in particular in case I miss anyone. Between the cooking and organizing, marshalling airplanes (apparently we broke a record for the number of planes ....collecting money, handling the radio, cleaning up, spreading the word to get the participation, buying shirts, buying fuel, giving advice and encouragement, etc,. etc. etc. I am truly thankful. Mother nature was on our side.-----light winds, no clouds, and no bugs.( I didn't sell any bug nets or bug juice though). Small steps for our airport this summer , but this weekend showed that our airport can do big things and I believe has a bright future. On another personal note, I had a great time.      

Cheers, Dave

See pictures of this event under "WHEEL FLYING"; below the aerial picture of the South River Airport.

My goal is to add this event as a slide-show with music. My wife and I drove there for their breakfast and it turned out to be such a beautiful day. When we still talk about it after a few weeks, that says it all. Hats off guys.


Annual Safety Seminar

MAY 24, 2018

Monday May 14 -2018

Flt 23 Annual safety seminar at Canadore Aviation campus. T.C. Is apparently cutting back on safety seminars, - and focusing on enforcement this summer. T.C has authorized  Fred Grootarz from RAA Brampton to provide safety presentations for Ontario. Fred offered to do the “northern route” and thanks to Lloyd Richards organizing, Monday was North Bay, Tuesday Timmins, Wednesday Sault Ste Marie, and Thursday Sudbury.

Fred's presentation to our group was about navigating through busy Class C and D Airspace; what to expect when talking to controllers, and showing the VFR routing around Toronto. A lot of our pilots don’t fly in the busy Airspace, - but now that they know the procedure, they might be more comfortable.