One of the girls in my STEM Club wanted to let you know how helpful the Flying North Bay website has been! We just got started up again after Spring Break and the first thing we're learning about is aviation...When Caroline (she's 11) was doing research she ended up on the site... She was able to find some excellent information from the links you've included on here: , and she thought you might appreciate hearing it :-)

Caroline also found a great page on Aviation history & the Wright Brothers, at,-oh/

Caroline had learned about the Wright Brothers in social studies & she had the idea that we include this in our note as a way to say thanks! She thought it would be a fun & interesting resource for you to add to the web links page she found... hopefully it's useful!

Thank you again Charles and if you are able to add Caroline's suggestion I can show her at our meeting tomorrow - she'll be so proud. Have a good day and stay safe!

Happy Flying,
~Stacey Martin (and Caroline)